Sunday, January 20, 2013

1/20 Sunday Showdown

Wedge Sneakers

One of the newest trends in footwear on the market today is the street-chic wedge sneaker. While still exploring this new fad, I have noticed there is a lot of uniformity and very little poetic license within the fashion community. For example, take the wedge sneakers from Steve Madden's collection compared to the wedges on the racks at Target. The Steve Madden Hamlit Wedge Sneakers run for $110 and the women's Xhilaration Shayenne High Tops sell for $34.99 at Target, yet there is an indisputable similarity between the two.

The Steve Madden wedge sneakers are undeniably hot. I like the tone difference between the two shades of black. Just to be picky, I also like the square studs. What puts this wedge sneaker over the top, however, is the studded tongue on the shoe. I wouldn't be living like Lily if I wasn't all about the bling. As always, Steve Madden can do no wrong when it comes to women's footwear.

The Target version of these high top wedge sneakers are just as attractive. While more simpler, the studded strap is subtle and understated sexy. Even though these sneakers are from Target, the price difference between these and the Steve Maddens allow some remodeling to factor into your budget. Want more bling? Do it yourself and bedazzle these sneakers to your liking for about $5 dollars more at the craft store. I would rather save money and experiment with shoes from Target than potentially destroy a pair of Steve Maddens. The Xhilaration high tops allow you to interpret
 fashion and make it your own, rather than succumbing to designer labels.

The thing about Steve Madden shoes is there is there is usually an exact copy for a much cheaper price somewhere else in the world. I love Steve Madden shoes, but what usually keeps me from buying them are his more economical brothers. In this case, while I do prefer the Steve Madden's with the studed tongue, the Xhilaration sneakers are the economical brother seducing me in. The same style and look for two different prices, which would you rather pay?

Friday, January 18, 2013

1/18 Friday's Find

$498 at Ralph Lauren

Halfway through January, I'd say winter is almost over. In anticipation for the arrival of spring and warmer climates, I could think of no better spring must-have than this stylish silk jumpsuit. And what could be more perfect than to start spring off right with Ralph Lauren's silk Crepe de Chine jumpsuit?! The perfect combination of fabulous and casual, this outfit is going to cost you $498 dollars to be exact.

This jumpsuit presents the ultimate casual springtime look with the drawstring cinching above the hips. I really like the fun, lime green color, which is also fitting for spring. I absolutely love the tied ends at the ankles which would look great paired with platform sandals. Toss on some chandelier earrings and some colorful bangles to complete this outfit.

This jumpsuit is a great, easy, go-to outfit. While rompers were made for the summer months, the jumpsuit is a good transition for the spring. When I see it, I think of spring break, but this jumpsuit can be worn to far more places than just the tropical south. Backyard barbecues, lazy afternoons in the park, and street fairs are all appropriate places to sport this trendy look. Merely an elongated version of the romper, try something different this spring with this Ralph Lauren jumpsuit.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/17 Thrifty Thursday

$49 at Urban Outfitters

Rather than waste away with winter blues, strap on some blue jeans and rekindle a summer romance. This Urban Renewal Cutoff Overall Dress is $49 dollars at Urban Outfitters and would make the perfect solution to curing seasonal depression...or at least an addiction to retail.

Not only will this be the perfect dress come summertime with outdoor country concerts and neighborhood barbecues, it is ready to wear now. As long as it's indoors, I would wear this dress to virtually any casual gathering. It only takes a few basic pieces to pull the outfit together. Like how the dress is styled above, all you need is a long sleeved solid colored shirt and some tights to pull this look into a wintertime favorite. Pair this dress with some cute flats in a fun pattern, like leopard, to add a touch of femininity.

As fashion trends of the decades in the 20th century are making their comebacks, this 90s inspired, denim overall dress would be right on point. I really like this modern twist on overalls, and the price is right too. Urban Outfitters has been known to produce quality denim products, and this dress is certainly no exception. With this kick-ass blue jean dress, those winter blues will be gone fast.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1/16 Whine Wednesday


Fashion is an art form. Art can move you, shake you, and drop you to your knees in awe. Art is a form of inspiration in which fashion is an expression of. With that being said, please tell me why a designer would choose stiff, boring, and lifeless models to represent their works of art?!

It would be like the hanging the Mona Lisa in a cold, damp basement. Or, framing the Girl with a Pearl Earring in a slab of unpolished wood. I understand that the reasoning behind this absurd concept of choosing blase models is to allow the clothing to stand out and speak for itself. I understand that the models simply act as the designers' blank canvas onto which they display their masterpieces. What I don't understand, however, is why models are paid to look like plastic mannequins and how this tactic helps sell the clothing.

I witnessed one of the best examples, and worst offenders, of employing boring models while I was casually browsing the Carlos Miele pre-fall 2013 collection. I was overcome with boredom from looking at his collection. It was then that I realized it wasn't the clothes that were boring, but the people inside of them. I would reckon about 75% of a garment's appeal has to do with the way the people inside of the clothes are wearing them. If they are just standing like stiff statues, it's not going to make me want to buy the clothes they are wearing. Even the mannequins in the store windows show more movement than these models! Presentation is everything.

Repeatedly looking at the same stance and facial expression over and over is boring and is going to make me skim over the entire collection rather than actually studying the pieces. Some designers really need to reevaluate their marketing strategies because, from what I've heard, the fashion industry is too cutthroat to merely be overlooked.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1/15 Terrible Tuesday


Holy Cannoli! Leslie Mann practically made me sick when I saw her on the red carpet for the 2013 Critics Choice Awards. She wore a Giovanna Randall knee-length dress with pink Jimmy Choo 'Fitch' high heeled sandals an a pink Tiffany 'Morgan' clutch. Talk about overkill with the assortment of pink on pink on pink.

Looking like a bottle of Pepto Bismol, it is safe to say this was not the right dress for Leslie Mann. At her age, she is way too old for this dress. Besides, wasn't her movie called This Is 40, not This Is 14? Between the sheer lace top and full skirt, not to mention the bubblegum pink color, the dress is way too youthful. This dress would look cuter on Kylie Jenner.

With that being said, there is nothing wrong with the dress, the shoes, or the clutch individually. It's the combination of this triple threat that makes this outfit so dangerous. Pick one and carry on. After this pink explosion, I think Leslie needs to pick a new favorite color and not wear it out - literally!

1/15 Terrible Tuesday


Buried under a heap of sad, bedraggled chiffon is where you find might Famke Janssen. Wearing a teal blue John Galliano gown with emerald green bangles, Famke looked absolutely drab at the 2013 Critics Choice Awards.

First of all, there is too much going on with this dress. The mesh looks stupid, the ruffles look limp and dowdy, and the layers makes Famke look like a rag muffin. The ruffles down the front and the sparkly skirt looks especially ridiculous. I've seen better dresses sewn by the blind. I am hesitant to unleash all of my anger on the dress, though, because this gown looked fabulous on the runway. For the red carpet, however, this dress would look better if you cut the mesh out, left the ruffled neckline, and kept a plain blue skirt. You can't have it all, darling. It really is a shame that Famke couldn't pull this dress off, and she really shouldn't have insisted on trying. If you can't do the clothing justice, don't put it on your body.

In this case, it's good that Famke kept the jewelry to a minimum here. I'm not saying that because with the overpowering dress, heavy jewelry would have just been tawdry, which is true. The real reason is because of what little accessories Famke is wearing is already horrible enough. The emerald green bangles are so out in left field, it amazes me that they were paired with this gown. Honestly, from far away the bracelet looks like a hospital band. My guess is that it is from a mental hospital because she would have to be crazy to be stepping out on the red carpet wearing this outfit. With her recent severe loss of all taste in fashion, it's back to the doctor's office for you, Famke.

1/15 Terrible Tuesday


An actress in distress! Elle Fanning wore a Chanel gown to the 2013 Critics Choice Awards, however, I think a shower curtain would be a more suitable word. Now  I know Elle could not have purposely chosen to wear such an awful gown to the awards show. Her real dress must have been stolen while she was in the shower and was left with nothing else to wear. She didn't even dress the shower curtain up with an jewelry. Perhaps the thieves stole those too!

For a Chanel dress, I really think this could have been better. It honestly looks like she has a shower curtain wrapped around her body. Another thing that bothers me about this outfit are the chunky shoes! Even if this dress was remotely cute, people need to learn that you do not pair chunky shoes with a longer gown. Young Elle Fanning is usually the picture of vogue, and I hope this dress was just a minor setback and not some whacky new image for the actress.

Although I do love her in a strapless, she did this all wrong. There is no body to the dress, and it really looks like she didn't even attempt to try to gain any style points. I've never been a fan of minimalist chic. Then again, I've never been a fan of wearing a shower curtain as a dress before either.

1/15 Terrible Tuesday


The Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence, might have succeeded in the games, but missed the mark when it comes to fashion. For the 2013 People's Choice Awards, Jennifer Lawrence wore a black, sequined-draped Valentino dress. To complete this outfit, she wore Nicholas Kirkwood diamond-encursted black satin pumps and Cartier jewelry.

Can I just say there is so much I hate about this dress! Jennifer looked like a wizard with the black draping and gold neckline...all she needed was a wand and a sorcerer's hat to make this outfit complete. The gold neckline is way too Harry Potter for this Hunger Games actress. The mesh covering that little bit of skin in the neckline is so disgusting, I'm still trying to figure out its exact purpose. I absolutely hate the slit in the skirt. It makes her look like the hem got caught in her underwear.

Especially working with my favorite stylist, Rachel Zoe, I expected Jennifer Lawrence to dress better. After all, she only won favorite movie actress and face of heroism, as well as represented The Hunger Games in the number of awards won that night. For that many stage appearances, Jennifer should have worn something more fashion friendly. Luckily, Lawrence was able to pull it together for the Golden Globes.

Monday, January 14, 2013

1/14 Movie Monday


The ultimate story of senioritis, Ferris Bueller's Day Off remains a classic. Made in the 1980s, this film follows the day in the life of high school senior Ferris Bueller who decides to skip school and explore downtown Chicago with his girlfriend, Sloane Peterson, and his best friend, Cameron Frye. Meanwhile, he must avoid his school's obsessive Dean, Edward Rooney, his resentful sister Jeanie, and his parents. However, this task is no sweat of his back as life seems to come easy for Ferris Bueller.


There is truly something special and unique about Ferris Bueller. He is a strong leader, very persuasive, and comfortable in his own skin. Most importantly, he tries to live each day to the fullest and not grow up too fast.

This same personality is reflected in the clothing inspired by Ferris. In the movie, Ferris wears many layers with a bomber jacket over a printed sweater vest over a plain white t-shirt. In this inspired look, I chose a white sequined shirt that says, "Don't Forget To Smile," to represent Ferris' happy-go-lucky attitude. To throw overtop of the shirt, I chose a similar printed cardigan and a simple bomber jacket like what Ferris wears in the film. The tennis shoes are very retro 80s inspired. The aviator sunglasses are from when Ferris drives Cameron's dad's red Ferrari around Chi-town.

Jacket- Alexander Wang
Cardigan- Orla Kiely
Top- Ashish
Pants- Vivienne Westwood
Socks- Lulu's
Shoes- Shakuhachi


Cameron, better known as Ferris Bueller's best friend, leads a miserable life. His parents fight all the time, and his father prefers cars over his own son. A huge pushover, Cameron can barely stand on his own two feet, and there is no direction in his life-other than what Ferris and his parents tell him to do. Cameron is first introduced in the film lying in bed sick. After being persuaded by Ferris to get out of bed, Cameron joins him on his quest to wreak havoc.

In the film, Cameron sports a Detroit Red Wings hockey jersey and khaki pants. While not very fashion forward, this look turns Cameron's humdrum look simplistic chic. With the similar style sleeves, I chose a dolman sweater over a hockey jersey. The sock bun and collared necklace are simple touches that help add some flair to this outfit. A simple pair of jeans and some studded flats complete this look.

Top- Ralph Lauren
Jeans- Cross Jeanswear
Necklace- Dannijo
Flats- Ardene


Sloane Peterson is only a junior in the film, but is cool enough to spend the day with her senior boyfriend, Ferris Bueller, and his best friend. After being busted out of school by Ferris, she is taken for a spin around the crazy city of Chicago.

Sloane Peterson wears a stylish white fringe jacket in the movie with big bermuda shorts and white boots. Her look is bold which goes nicely with her independent personality. For this inspired look, I paired an off-the-shoulder shearling top with cuffed and patched bermuda shorts. The tassel necklace is representative of the tassels Sloane wears in the film. The white fur jacket and white wooden wedges make this outfit complete.

Jacket- Chic Wish
Top- Pierre Balmain
Shorts- Desigual Pajoroska
Belt- Candy Says
Necklace- Lalique
Shoes- Nasty Gal

Although there was much unexpected trouble along the way, Ferris Bueller successfully skips the day of school. As 80s fashion is making a comeback, these trends from the movie and inspired looks are relevant to today. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is one of my all time favorite movies, and you can have fun playing with the fashion.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/13 Sunday Showdown

Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets have always been a guilty pleasure in my life. From sexy boys on motorcycles to the greasy T-Bird gangs on the 50s to independent girls with bold attitudes, there is definitely something special special about a leather jacket.

Specifically, when I came across the Ralph Lauren Lennox Moto Jacket, I knew there was something special about it. Selling for $1498 dollars, Ralph Lauren must have thought so too. This lime green jacket offers the perfect combination of girly and edgy. With the popping lime green color, this isn't your ordinary run of the mill leather jacket. I really like the wide collar and asymmetrical front zipper as well. The real highlight of this jacket that sold me was the lace up sleeves at the wrist. Tying up like a shoe lace, these sleeves are cooler than cool. It is without a doubt, Ralph Lauren has brought back the old glory days of the leather jackets with a modern infusion.

As if there could ever be a leather jacket considered worthy of being called competition compared to this Ralph Lauren jacket, I thought I would put it up against a more affordable one. The Xhilaration Junior's Side Ruched Faux Leather Jacket is available at Target for $39.99. If there is one word to describe this jacket it would be basic. This jacket right here proves that you cannot skimp on a quality leather jacket and just shows straight up how fabulous the Ralph Lauren is.

Jacket's are worn a lot more than just once and are usually the first piece of your outfit that people see.It is important to own good, quality jackets, and the Ralph Lauren Moto Jacket would be a great representation. So feel guilt-free splurging on this stylish jacket, and, as always, feel free to buy me one too!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

1/12 Showcase Saturday


One of my favorite retailers over the years has been the retro-inspired, vintage online retailer, ModCloth. Their site features a wide variety of retro clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories all for a reasonable price. Although you won't find name-brand, designer clothing here, the site features over 700 independent designers.

ModCloth started off with Susan's compulsive love of thrift shopping and a tiny dorm room in college. With the lack of space, Susan decided to start selling her unique vintage finds online. Translating her love of retro clothing into a career in online retail, ModCloth was born. Susan and her husband, Eric Koger, now run ModCloth as founder and CEO. They have moved past the humble days of the college dorm room and have expanded business across the United States.

ModCloth encourages women to express their personal style, and the clothes and accessories on the site allow women to do just that! By selling one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and inspired items form independent designers, customers are treated uniquely special. From my own personal experiences with ModCloth, I am in love with their style, clothing, and team. One might say I'm a little obsessed. I personally check the site every day to look at the new arrivals, just to make sure something I want doesn't sell out before I get there. For the types of pieces ModCloth sells, they are also very reasonably priced. I never leave the website disappointed.

Stop digging around those old vintage stores with the funky smells and be sure to check out for the best selection of retro and vintage inspired clothing, shoes, and accessories. This truly is a remarkable fashion retailer and will exceed even the most precise thrift shoppers' expectations.

Friday, January 11, 2013

1/11 Friday's Find

$645 at Haute Hippie

While it may be unacceptable to wear jackets as dresses and inappropriate to not wear pants out in public, but if wearing a blazer as a dress is wrong, than I don't want to be right! This extra long blazer dress from Haute Hippie is $645 dollars, but, if you ask me, is totally worth the splurge.

This blazer dress was made for the strong, fearless woman. It is chic and classy, but still sexy and sophisticated. I like the off-centered button because it adds volume and draws attention to the leg. Don't worry about showing too much leg, though, the extra long length helps keep this dress modest. This blazer reminds me of a classier version of Miley Cyrus' dress at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.

The extra long blazer dress would look best paired with some high heel sandals and a brightly colored envelope clutch. Add a pretty necklace down the middle to complete this look. The winter white color would look great for the remainder of this winter season, or can be saved for the upcoming spring and summer months. I would wear this dress to a dinner party, a night out with the girls, or to an acceptable cocktail party. Either way, by wearing such a bold statement dress, be prepared to have all eyes on you.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

1/10 Thrifty Thursday

$59.99 at ModCloth

When I first saw this jacket, I'll admit, I had to do a double take. It all happened when I was scrolling through my routine retail sites to ease my online shopping addiction and there it was. This lovely faux leopard fur jacket was sitting right there. The best part? This All Faux You Jacket can be purchased on ModCloth for only $59.99. That's right. Good luck finding a fur jacket for under $100 dollars, much less one for $60. And it only gets better.

Not only am I in love with the leopard print, I love the unique style and cut of this jacket. With the way the zipper is structured, this jacket is almost like a double feature with the classic open fur coat, or, for colder weather, an off-center zipper with snap closure, keeping this coat snuggly warm. I also really like the big collar; it's so chic.

In general, fur jackets are classic, chic, and very fashion forward. Stepping out in one of these bad boys makes the perfect statement this winter season. The All Faux You Jacket is a complete steal from ModCloth and should not go to waste.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1/9 Whine Wednesday


One of the worst reoccurring trends every single winter season are the dreaded sweater dresses. Not only are they slouchy, chunky, and ugly, they are the most unflattering piece of clothing you could ever cover your body with.

First off, there are two looks a girl can have when wearing a sweater dress. They can look basic and stereotypical by pairing the sweater dress with leggings and boots. Like I remember when I was in fifth grade. Or, on the other hand, girls look trashy with the tight belted sweater dresses and tall boots. Try putting some pants on! No matter how you wear the sweater dress, you will always look.

One of the biggest reasons why I hate sweater dresses is the fact that girls look like they forgot to put pants on when they left their house. You wouldn't leave the house wearing a T-shirt dress, so don't wear sweater dresses. It's the same thing. Sweaters were made to be worn as shirts, not dresses.

Besides looking trashy, sweater dresses also make the wearer look frumpy. Rather than hugging your body, sweaters tend to clump up and mush every curve into one big bulging body. You can expect a sweater dress to add a good 15 pounds to your body.

Sweaters were not made to be worn as dresses. In fact, a sweater dress is nothing more than a big sweater. It just looks like someone lost track of time when they were knitting the bottom of the sweater. It's about time to kill this horrible trend, and stop with the sweater dresses already.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1/8 Terrible Tuesday


Despite what this photograph may suggest, Rita Ora is, in fact, not homeless. Even though her music is horrid and she bangs at least 20 guys a week, Rita Ora is still living her cushy lifestyle. Why then, does she insist on dressing like a beggar in the streets of London?

Spotted in a gorilla fur coat, Ora looks more like a gorilla than the monkeys at the zoo do. This coat is way too big, bulky, and hideously hairy to ever be worn around. Not to mention, the scarf tied around her head makes Ora look like a pirate. All I can see through this ugly combination is the monkey, Jack, from Pirates of the Caribbean. To top this unforgivable outfit off, the black leather leggings and knee high black boots just look plain trashy. This picture looks more like a walk of shame than a night out on the town.

As if Rita Ora's choice of clothing wasn't tragic enough, her blonde hair is really what gets me fired up. The blonde hair color has never suited her skin tone and makes her look fake and cheap. Who does she think she is anyway? Pippi Longstocking in those braids? By dressing like a child playing dress up, that wouldn't surprise me one bit. Try again Ora.

Monday, January 7, 2013

1/7 Movie Monday


Les Miserables begins in 1815 France and follows the story up to the June Rebellion of 1832. The movie, currently in theaters, is based on Victor Hugo's 1862 novel. Derived from the radical themes of redemption, freedom, justice, morality, and love, this movie tells the tale of six intertwined strangers. Like the title, "The Miserable," suggests, these characters are tortured by poverty, ill-fate, and broken hearts. Read on for five outfits inspired from the film's characters: Jean Valjean, Inspector Javert, Fantine, Cosette, Marius Pontmercy, and Enjolras.


Nineteen years ago Valjean was sentenced to prison for stealing a loaf of bread to help feed his sister's family. Finally released and struggling to turn his life around, this ex-convict had no other option than to create a new identity and break parole. However, his past catches up with him when he is discovered by Inspector Javert. Misread as a villain, Javert really just has a strict sense of justice, an inherent belief in evil, and noble intentions. To him, Jean Valjean will forever be Prisoner 24601. Caught in a never-ending cat-and-mouse game, Valjean must try to convince Javert of his changed ways and Javert must come to terms with this change.

Top- River Island
Cargo Pants- J Brand
Combat Boots- Make Me Chic
Bracelet- Monnier Freres

Inspired by these two main characters, I chose an updated militaristic look. The bright orange peplum top with the black and gold collar and the black belted peacoat symbolize the rigid nature of Javert, as well as Valjean's ability to change. Representative of Javert's career in the police force, the combat boots are perfect to lace up on the long treck to Calvary, while the gold studded wrist band represents Valjean's past forever locked to his identity.


Fantine, played by Anne Hathaway, is a hopeless young woman whose life has been filled with nothing but tragedy. Having fallen in love with a man who promised her a future together, her dreams were broken when he abandoned her pregnant and alone. To support her daughter, Cosette, Fantine sent her to live with a horrible innkeeper and his family while she works in Valjean's factory. After loosing her job at the factory, Fantine desperately turns to a life of prostitution as a source of revenue so she she can continue to keep her daughter's well-being. When Valjean finally learns of her situation, he promises Fantine on her deathbed that he will find Cosette and raise her as his own child.

Top- Raxevsky

Skirt- Debenhams
Bracelet- Bibi Bijoux
Ring- Missel Fridge

Bohemian in style, this look is based on Fantine's selfless nature and hopeless future. With the floral printed maxi skirt, Fantine maintains modesty, and the sheer dolman sweater represents her life of poverty. The flats are comfy but still chic. The heart shaped jewels represents her kind yet mistreated heart, as well as the hearts of those she tries so desperately to seek.


When Valjean first adopts little Cosette, she is dressed in rags and withering away from the inside out. Despite this difficult childhood living with the terrible Thenardier family, she grows up to become a beautiful woman in a convent with Valjean working as the gardener. However, Cosette catches the eye of Marius Pontmercy, a young student, and instantly becomes enchanted by her.

Dress- Rare London

Shawl- Etsy
Cardigan- Patty Women
Flats- Dirty Laundry
Tights- Chic Wish
Bracelet- Isharya
Earrings- Dannijo

This outfit is charming and cute, but still maintains modesty and the good-girl morals Valjean raised her with. Lots of lace and ruffles complete Cosette's pretty look. The A-line dress resembles Cosette's voluptuous gowns, and the light blue accessories keep the outfit from being too girly.


Marius Pontmercy is a young student and a revolutionary who happens to fall in love with Valjean's daughter, Cosette. The two communicate via Eponine, the elder Thenardiers' daughter, who serves as the couple's messenger since Cosette is not allowed to leave the convent. Although it takes Marius some time, he is finally able to win over the approval of the ever-protective Jean Valjean, and, in the end, marries Cosette.

Top- Love Culture

Oxford Shoes- Avenue 32
Bag- Fendi
Heels- Wholesale Dress
Jacket- Karl Donoghue

In the film, Marius frequently sports a white shirt, patterned vest, and navy blue trousers. To modernize and accessorize the outfit a bit more, I selected a plaid, cold shoulder flannel with blue jeans for a more scholarly look. The sheepskin leather jacket and messenger bag symbolize the revolutionary side Marius retains.


Enjolras, the leader of the Friends of the ABC, is a feisty student, devoted to the revolutionary cause. As the song "Red and Black" implies, the Friends of the ABC claimed these as their representative colors.

Blazer- Etsy

Pants- Stella McCartney
Top- Ginger Fizz
Combat Boots- Hot Topic
Necklace- Avenue 32
Collar- Republic

This bold combination of red and black look great for the winter season. I paired black trousers with a red blazer, much like the one Enjolras wears in the film. A gold embellished crop top would look stunning underneath, with matching gold studded combat boots. Like a warrior about to battle, the side braid and head wrap duo is a winning look to complete this outfit.

Interlocked by poverty and misfortune, these characters all struggle to rise up against their hopeless fates. A sad, yet inspiring story, this was one of the best films I have seen in a long time. From a fashion point of view, these characters, as individuals, hold so much potential for this season's upcoming trends. I now look forward to see how these characters will be portrayed from the movie to the runway.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

1/6 Sunday Showdown

Boyfriend Cardigans

J Crew
In the epic battle between designer and name brand clothing versus clothing from the supermarket, one would think the battle would be completely shut down by the designers. However, in the department of boyfriend cardigans, this is one of those rare occasions where that is not the case.

Let's take a look at the boyfriend cardigans from J Crew and Target for a better reference. The J Crew Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan in Vintage Kelly is being sold for a whopping $139.99 dollars. Meanwhile, Target is selling their Boyfriend Cardigan in Oxide Green from Mossimo Supply Co. for $13.98. Besides the significant difference in the color and price, there is hardly any variation between these two cardigans.

The outrageous difference in price, although not a determining factor, is unnecessary when you look at how little difference there is between these two cardigans. The J Crew cardigan is overpriced, not even worth the extra money, if you ask me.

To be honest, I would much rather wear the boyfriend cardigan from Target over the one from J Crew. I like the slouchy material and longer neckline as opposed to the thick, tight-neck cashmere. Sure, the cashmere material is a nice, quality touch from J Crew, but the cotton cardigan from Target is perfectly fine.

In this showdown, the boyfriend cardigan from Target is the clear winner. It has the option of being dressed up or down, and, like a good shrug should, can be easily thrown on without having to worry about ruining it. Save your troubles and save your money, the boyfriend cardigan from Target is the better choice and the better deal.

Friday, January 4, 2013

1/4 Friday's Find


If you're looking to splurge, check out these super high platform sandals from Charlotte Olympia! Too stylish to pass up, these Colette sandals run for $1,510 dollars. If I had the money right now, it can go without question that I would be forking it over for these shoes.

My favorite thing about these sandals is the lacy look from the design. The Colette sandals add the perfect accent to any outfit, and I think the black color really makes them stand out. The platform and ankle strap will also make these shoes a walk in the park to walk in.

The best thing about these black sandals is that the color literally goes with everything. As if that wasn't reason enough, my favorite thing is that you can wear shoes more than once without being an outfit repeater, so it's okay to spend a little extra in this department. However, for this price, and with this kind of style, these Charlotte Olympias are definitely dress up shoes. I would wear these sandals to a formal dance, an upscale cocktail party, or to a fancy dinner date.

While the price for these Charlotte Olympia Colette sandals are threatening, I would desire nothing more than to have them sitting in my closet or wrapped around my feet.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

1/3 Thrifty Thursday

$48 at Nasty Gal

There may still be snow on the ground, but these fiery Tribal Beat Pants from Nasty Gal are sure to heat your winter up. For only $48 dollars, these pants are definitely a steal. The best part about this bargain is that you can essentially wear them all year long! Especially in the upcoming spring, summer, and fall months, these pants will look hot no matter what. The cool pattern in shades of gray, red, and orange against the vibrant navy blue is really intriguing and creates the perfect statement. I really like the cropped leg and high stretch waist on these pants, as well.

Very hippie-chic, these pants allow you to look cool and casual. Like the above picture, these pants look great with a loose tank and ankle boots. Be sure to belt the pants, and throw on a loose fitting cardigan for chillier days. I would wear these pants on a day out with the girls, to a campfire, or on a walk on the beach. Either way, you will definitely want to wear these pants out because these showstoppers are meant to be seen.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1/2 Whine Wednesday


The legging trend is still in full throttle as we continue through the winter season. Leggings are the perfect way to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.While I do not hate leggings themselves one bit, I hate it when girls wear leggings as pants.

Like the picture above, your butt cheeks show through the leggings. Even if you're like me, you don't need much of an ass for your skin to show through. Ladies, please cover your butt up! There needs to be an extra clothing layer over the back of the leggings, that's for sure.

Going right along with the exposed skin, leggings add a good ten pounds to your body. While you might think that since leggings hug your body so close, you look slender; the truth is, you look about ten pounds heavier. This is because the leggings are so tight that they show every curve, roll, and chunk of fat on your meaty legs.

To help solve this problem, fat, chunky, and chubby people just need to stop wearing leggings altogether. Not all clothing can be worn by all body types. It's not cruel, it's just a fact of life. Leggings are not flattering on plus size bodies. In fact, I don't think clothing companies should even manufacture and sell plus size leggings. Unless they are magically lined with spanx, all plus size leggings must be pitched.

Another downside to wearing leggings as pants is the awful camel toe that is exposed for the world to see. Nothing looks as ratchet as camel toe. The worst part is that it is practically unavoidable because you won't even realize when you get it.

Wearing leggings as pants isn't all bad, just as long as they are worn properly. Regular t-shirts and crop tops are a big time no-no when wearing leggings. They make your vagina look awkward and make your body look really unflattering. As shown above, the woman is an excellent example of how not to wear leggings as pants.

As I had stated earlier, leggings are a popular trend, and I do like them long as they are worn the right way. Tunics and oversized shirts and sweaters look best with leggings. By wearing longer fitting tops, camel toe and your butt cheeks are covered up, and it helps balance out the skinny leg with the larger top. Printed leggings, as well as solid, leather, and metallic leggings have become widely popular this winter season. Leggings are a great way to have fun with fashion and try something different than jeans, but can easily be a fashion disaster, as well. Which ever style you choose, use caution when wearing leggings and never wear them as pants.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1/1 Terrible Tuesday


She got rid of her hair and her sense of fashion must have went with it, or so it would seem judging by Anne Hathaway's most recent red carpet look. At the Les Miserables premiere in New York City, Anne Hathaway wore an all black Tom Ford silk gown with Tom Ford bondage boots. However, this outfit looked more like a costume rather than couture.

Perhaps she confused Christmas with Halloween? Or maybe she decided to have a fashion throwback with an inspired look from Blink-182's "I Miss You?" Either way, I think it can be agreed upon that this dress would only ever be acceptable on October 31. I must admit the front of the gown is kind of sexy with the form fitting silk, high neck, and slit up the leg. However, the billowing cape from the back has got to go. I just have this burning desire to take some scissors to the dress and cut the cape off of the back. After all, the cape is excessively horrid, and the dress makes Anne Hathaway look like a vampire bat.

Hathaway portrayed the prostitute, Fantine, in the film, but I think she should have left the bondage boots on set and kept them off of the red carpet. Not only are they tacky, but the combination of over-the-knee and kinky bondage straps makes too much of a statement in an already statement dress. What ever happened to the sweet, doe-eyed actress from The Princess Diaries? I think Hathaway would be better off going back to work at Runway in the Devil Wears Prada.

Between the Tom Ford dress and boots, it is hard to decide which one is worse. Hathaway's other red carpet looks for the premieres were, by far, much more acceptable, but this fashion hiccup is not one to be ignored. For her phenomenal role in Les Miserables, I believe this star should have chosen a more suitable look for the red carpet.